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Last year, I moved my blog to edmodo. However, a code was required in order for parents or students to access any information which I found to be a real drag. And to enter information was just a real hassle.

For the upcoming school year, I’ve decided to move to wordpress.com.
You can find me there at 101Seapark.wordpress.com

I hope you will make the move with me. Again, there is an easy way to follow me by subscribing by email. The advantage is that to provide that service on edublogs costs $40 per year, but the same benefit is available for free on wordpress.com.


Ms. Walsh

Homework 11-1B Front and Back Plus Read On

Due Monday. Most students should have this done in class.
If you did not sign the permission slip for your child to watch movies next week then please do so. When I passed out the slip I was not fully aware of how it would work.

My homeroom will stay in my homeroom. We began watching Wreck it Ralph today. We will finish watching it on Monday. But, on Monday we also need another movie. The movie can be any movie on the list of 7 or any rated G (not PG or higher movie) that is school appropriate. If your family has a movie on the list of 7 that is available to loan to our class, we will use the DVD player on the teacher laptop and projector to show it. Not all of the movies on the list are available at Redbox, so we watched the one movie I was able to locate today. Also, if your family has computer speakers that are easily portable, and your child remembers to bring them, that would help project the sound so everyone could hear. Please do not loan our class anything that you could not bear to part with in the event theft or damage would occur, just to be on the safeside. Even though we have shown a movie, no class time was sacrificed, and all periods were held today with full math work being done. The movie time is a time period where no movement on campus can occur, in order to avoid interrupting any student’s FCAT exam in progress. FCAT exams will continue all next week, but all eigth graders are done, unless they need to take a makeup exam due to an absence.
In all my years of teaching, I have not shown a fun movie, but thanks to my homeroom students’ families for providing students who have worked hard and deserve a mental break after a hard week of testing.
Again, we are working on Chapter 11. This is Algebra 1 material and will help with the Algebra 1 course next year.

May 9th 5:30 to 7:00 pm What it Takes to Graduate High School Presentation

“What it takes to Graduate high school” presentation for the 8th grade parents and students on May 9th from 5:30-7:00. It is such an important session for parents to attend. Also, please let students know they will receive an extra credit grade for attending. I will provide a list for you the following morning of students that attended for you to enter in the grade book. In addition, the homeroom with the most parents that attend will have an ice cream party!!!!

Homework B Chapter 4 and Chapter 9

Monday is the FCAT for Math
Thursday is the FCAT for Science (8th graders only)
Snacks provided both days.
Reading is tested in two sessions (one per Tuesday, one per Wednesday-8th grade only).
Reading for 6th and 7th is rotated through computer labs at school for the two week period.
Free breakfasts provided to all on days of FCAT testing.
Water can be brought by students, not supplied.

NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES! Just keep them at home! I keep MINE at home on FCAT testing days.

Homework NON OPTIONAL due tomorrow

A-7 to A-12 from the Mastering the NGSSS workbook.
ALSO, any work done on the B side for Chapter 2, 3, and 4 is GREATLY APPRECIATED.

MONDAY, April 15th is the MATH FCAT. 2 sessions. Total 140 minutes. Snacks provided. Water ONLY is student’s responsibility.

Science is Thursday.
Reading will be spread out for some grade levels due to use of computer testing.

School is providing free breakfast for all on FCAT days.

Homework due tomorrow will be graded for first grade of 4th nine weeks.


Craig Frizzle Fundraiser: PLEASE HELP This Friday Night Dinner and Friday/Saturday Fishing Tournament

Ms. Walsh says all information below copied from www.billybones.cc website.

Please consider helping this family.

Billy Bones Bait & Tackle
All Your Inshore & Offshore Bait and Tackle!!! Where CUSTOMER Satisfaction are our Top PRIORITY !!!!!!

Craig James Frizzle ~ Family Fundraiser ~Raffles ~Fishing Tournament~

Craig Frizzle lost his life on 12/11/12 he was only 16 . Craig was a nephew to me our family’s are so close.Craig was a Sophomore at Central HS in Ft Pierce.He was an Altar Boy,Youth Group Leader and helped at his Church at St Bernadettes in Port St Lucie West. Craig was very smart and could fix anything, he was so helpful to so many People. Craigor was known to his family and close friends as being very kind and polite. He was an all around great kid.He leaves behind his Mom and Dad 4 sisters and a younger brother.

The Family is faced with unexpected costs, unpaid Hospital bills and Funeral and burial costs. This FAMILY REALLY NEEDS OUR HELP !!!!!!

Time and Place: Friday 2/22/13 starting at 5:00pm until 9:00pm @ The Port St Lucie Community Center located @ 2195 SE Airoso Blvd,Port St Lucie, Florida, 34984 across from PSL City Hall the corner of PSL Blvd and Airoso . A Dinner with food tickets are being sold to help.We will be having Pasta and Meatballs along with salad the cost will be $10.00 per ticket Children ( under 12 Please ) only $5.00 it is a Fundraiser to help them. There will be many wonderful prizes that will be Raffled off prizes from :Billy Bones Bait n Tackle , YoZuri, Unfair Lures, Rod and Reel Combos,Rods,Home Port Charts,Fintastic Aquariums a Enclosed Aquarium or Nano Cube, Mighty Mikes Tattoo’s, Buck Nasty Jigs, First Light Tackle, DOA FISHING LURES, Gulfstream Lures supply ,BJ,S Retail Store,Tony Sandora,Fred from “Henrys Tackle ” Tsunami Fishing Rods,Jones and Company a rare collectible, A charter by Captain Mark Nicoles ( inventor of DOA LURES) Captain John Young, Bites on Charters, Captain Greg Sherer Bridge Tender Charters and Jayson Arman ” Thats R Man ” Land based fishing Charters and so many other prizes to be raffled off that night .Thanks to all the above Companys, Charter Captains and individuals who donated something!!! Please visit Caralie’s Craft Table she is Craigs youngest sister only 10. Other Children will be assisting her . Raffles will be sold until 8:00 pm Then Raffle Drawings will take place .

At the Fundraiser you can sign up for the “Craig James Frizzle Fishing Tournament” The fee for the tournament will a $20.00 per Angler minimum, but more can be donated its up to you.All the Tournament Prizes with be on display at the sign up that evening 2/22/13. There will be Rod, Reel and Line for 1 st places prizes won ( Star Rod and Reels and Penn Reels with a Full Roller Rod ). All 2nd place winners will be awarded other fishing tackle boxes and Lures by DOA.The Offshore 2 nd place will be a 2 lb spool of suffix line with 2 DOA BFL Lures . At the sign up you will receive a secret item to be photographed alongside a ruler to quailify each fish entered. The Categories will be Snook, Trout and Redfish . The Offshore species will be Dolphin and now Tuna (in the memory of Ozzie Sandora by his family) all fish inshore and offshore winners are BASED ON LARGEST FISH LENGTH !!! NO EXCEPTIONS !! Fishing will begin after 9:00 pm 2/22/13 and continue thru Saturday 2/23/13 all final photos must be emailed to captwave@aol.com and fish can also be brought to Billy Bones Bait n Tackle 10602 S federal Hwy, PSL,Fl,34953 772 335-3715 the cut off time being at 4:00pm Saturday 2/23/13 .All Prizes to be awarded at 5:00 pm .

I want to say Thank You to each and everyone who has taken the time to view Craigs page and for those who will participate in the Frizzle Family Fundraiser/Fishing Tournament !!

This is a Picture Of Craig to the right his brother Calvin and my son Tanner releasing a Hot Air Balloon on the 4th of July!! Craigor loved the 4th of July and helping me with Fireworks !!!

Ad Must Be Mentioned and Hurry Supplies are limited!!

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6-1B due Monday.
Can also do 6-1C

Angles that add up to 90 degrees are complimentary = right angles = have square in corner of angle.

Angles that add up to 180 degrees are supplementary = straight angle = straight line.