Homework November 30 2009 and Answers

Math-a-thon money due tomorrow

Parents and students: Work must be shown to get homework points. To bring home the point. I’m giving the answers in advance. I’m not interested in the answers. I’m interested in seeing the work. Students are graded for work shown and homework completion.

Period 1, 2, 4, 6, 7:
Do 5-5 if you haven’t already or another zero will be awarded.
5-7 due tomorrow.
Period 5: listed below-scroll down.
Course 1, red book, 5-7 answers
1. .9
2. .21
3. .75
4. .5
5. .16 (6 is repeating)
6. .83 (3 is repeating)
7. .4 (4 is repeating)
8. 3.875
9. 9.4
10. .72 (72 is repeating)
11. 4.6 (6 is repeating)
12. 6.625
13. 5.3 (3 is repeating)
14. 12.375
15. 10.85
16. 2.61 (1 is repeating)
17. 3.6875
18. 6.80
19. 1.5 (5 is repeating)
20. 10.125
21. 2.72 (2 is repeating)
22. 3.583 (3 is repeating)
23. 5.8 (8 is repeating)
24. 3.96

Try to get help from Mr. Nussbaum’s site if you need help getting the right answer. The link is on the side under games. If the link doesn’t work, go to: www.mrnussbaum.com click on Math, click on Draggable Math, click on division.

Period 5
5-6 Tuesday night’s homework due Wednesday
5-5 Course 2 Answers: Show work to get points
1. 26%
2. 5%
3. 13%
4. 39%
5. 12.5%
6. 51%
7. 70%
8. 12%
9. 65%
10. 60%
11. 35%
12. 60%
13. 92%
14. 30%
15. 34%
16. 3/20
17. 17/20
18. 1/100
19. 7/10
20. 1/4
21. 19/100
22. 33/100
23. 11/50
24. 19/20

$877 Math-a-Thon for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital



A Math-a-Thon for good! Ten Southern Oaks Middle School students pledged to complete math problems in return for sponsor pledges to help children who face cancer.

Together Jordan E., Miracle B., Meghann F., Miranda R., Ashley B., James G., Cody G., Hector, Hannah C, and Alexander C. raised a total of $877.15. We are so proud of these Talons and Accipiters Team sixth graders!

Their hard work, commitment and math skills will help provide free medical care and treatment to children at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. Care is provided to children with cancer free of charge. The hospital provides all transportation costs to and from the hospital. The Target and Ronald McDonald Houses provide housing, and families are given food vouchers during their stay. Just imagine what a godsend this can be to families who must worry about the health and well-being of their child!

If these Southern Oaks Middle School sixth graders have motivated you to give, more information can be found at www.mathathon.org and www.stjude.org.

FOLLOW UP: An additional $50 was raised by another student, bringing our total to $927! Thank you for all your hard work.




St Jude’s Hospital www.mathathon.org

On or around March 13th, your child will be shown a 10 minute DVD about the math-a-thon fundraiser for St. Jude’s Hospital.

For every $1 raised, St. Jude’s Hospital uses 85 cents directly for research or medical care.

If you have a child with cancer, you can contact St. Jude’s Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee.

St. Jude’s Hospital will arrange transportation for you to Memphis, housing through a Ronald McDonald or Target House, and provide food vouchers.
Your child will be treated and the expenses will be taken care of free-of-charge.

This is a wonderful service for families who face the stress and financial hardship that comes with having a child with a potentially fatal diagnosis of cancer.

After watching the video, your child will be given a sponsor form. If you choose to have your child participate, sign the form.

Your child will then receive a math book to complete or they can complete math problems online.

Your child may raise funds on a basis of participating, completing problems, or answering questions correctly.

ALL funds of any amount help this cause. If it is something you’d like to know more about look at http://mathathon.org for more information. The fundraiser lasts two weeks.

Thank you.