Ch 0 L 3 Adding Integers

Learning Goal: I can add integers
4 + 3 = 7
-5 + -6 = -11
-2 + 1 = -1
9 + -4 = 5
Critical Importance Level: **** Nothing is more important to master in math. All future success depends on this.

Scale Score:

Direct Instruction: Notes

Adding Integers Class Notes

Here is a flow chart of step-by-step instructions for adding integers.

Guided Instruction:
Target Skill: Add Integers with Same Sign
Target Skill: Add Integers with Different Signs

Concrete Manipulatives:
Use yellow and red counters
or make own with tile spacers. The plus sign remains same, cut off two pieces to create a negative sign.

or print some for free.

Number lines: has some #158455BAU in the 2011 Intermediate Catalog–

More numbers lines:

See the whole glog here: It’s worth it!

Differentiated Instruction:
Versa Tiles: Calculations with Integers pages 1-8

Glencoe Reteach Workbook 0-3 Add Integers

Click here to play a game of Connect Four that will test your skill at adding, subtracting, multiplying, or dividing integers. Remember, this is a 4 star lesson. Connect Four Integers Game