Welcome to the first day of school

Welcome Parents and Students.

Thank you for choosing Southern Oaks Middle School.
You’ve made an excellent choice for your educational needs.
Southern Oaks is a Florida designated A school, and of all the middle school only campuses, our middle school scored the highest within the county.

In all classes, students will be given a school planner during the first period on the first day of school. This planner must be with your student every day in every class.

If a student loses the planner they must purchase a new planner for $5.00.

The planner is used as a hall pass. It also contains important information. The school lunch schedule has been changed since the planners went to the printers. 8th graders now have the first lunch, immediately following second period. This was not because of, but is extremely advantageous to students who have math blocks during the 3rd and 4th period, as it allows for an uninterrupted period of learning.
Harriers will have specials during 5th period, and Raptors will have specials during 7th period, with the exception of students scheduled for 90 minute reading blocks.

As parents, you play a crucial role in ensuring that your child fills out his/her planner daily. You will help your child develop good organizational habits. Plus, you can help them plan for projects, assignments, and study times to maximize their learning.

Schedule Changes
Teachers will not send students to the office for schedule changes during the first 10 days of school unless for the following reason: no class is scheduled for a period, or enrolled in a class at a different grade level in error.

Emergency Cards
Your child will be bringing home a white Emergency Card shaped like a very large index card. Please fill out BOTH sides of this card. This card is used if an emergency should occur, so include information that is as accurate as possible for this purpose.

School Advisory Committee
An invitation letter will be sent home.

Parent Response/Health Screenings informational letter will be sent home.

PTO invitation to join will be sent.

Math Textbooks
Each student will be issued a brand new math textbook. This will occur following the first 10 days of school. The textbook is issued an inventory number through the media center. Your child will check the textbook out, and must return the same scanned textbook (used daily, but undamaged with no graffiti or writing) at the end of the school year.

Mr. St. Rose, Miss Gehrt, and Ms. Walsh will all be following the order of the textbook, so if your child is absent or misses a day of school; you should be able to reasonably judge what is being taught in math class during that time. We estimate that Chapters 0 through 3 will be taught during the first nine week period. These chapters include absolute value, integers, changing rational numbers into decimals and decimals into rational numbers (fractions), percent, sales tax, percent of change, expressions, functions, linear (straight line) functions or slope, and systems of equations (when two straight lines are on a graph-the point where they cross is the solution).

These items are heavily tested on the FCAT, so please help your children get off to a strong start to the school year.

Thank you.

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